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Creation, vizualization, and manipulation of 3D surface meshes or polyhedra.

Data Representation

Meshes and Polyhedra are represented by a couple of variables {V, F}:

  • V: Nv-by-3 array of vertices: [x1 y1 z1; ... ; xn yn zn];
  • F: is either a NF-by-3 or NF-by-4 array containing reference for

vertices of each face, or a NF-by-1 cell array, where each cell is an array containing a variable number of node indices. For some functions, the array E of edges is needed. It consists in a NE-by-2 array containing indices of source and target vertices.

The library provides functions to create basic polyhedric meshes (the five platonic solids, plus few others), as well as functions to perform basic computations (surface area, normal angles, face centroids...). The 'MengerSponge' structure is an example of mesh that is not simply connected (multiple tunnels in the structure).

The drawMesh function is mainly a wrapper to the Matlab 'patch' function, allowing passing arguments more quickly.


 % create a soccer ball mesh and display it
 [v e f] = createSoccerBall;
 drawMesh(v, f, 'faceColor', 'g', 'linewidth', 2);
 axis equal; view(3);

Function List

General processing on meshes

  • smoothMesh - Smooth mesh by replacing each vertex by the average of its neighbors
  • subdivideMesh - Subdivides each face of the mesh
  • triangulateFaces - Convert face array to an array of triangular faces
  • mergeCoplanarFaces - Merge coplanar faces of a polyhedral mesh
  • meshFacePolygons - Returns the set of polygons that constitutes a mesh
  • faceCentroids - Compute centroids of a mesh faces
  • faceNormal - Compute normal vector of faces in a 3D mesh
  • vertexNormal - Compute normals to a mesh vertices

Measures on meshes

  • meshSurfaceArea - Surface area of a polyhedral mesh
  • trimeshSurfaceArea - Surface area of a triangular mesh
  • meshVolume - Volume of the space enclosed by a polygonal mesh
  • meshEdgeLength - Lengths of edges of a polygonal or polyhedral mesh
  • meshDihedralAngles - Dihedral at edges of a polyhedal mesh

Measures on (convex) polyhedra

  • polyhedronCentroid - Compute the centroid of a 3D convex polyhedron
  • tetrahedronVolume - Signed volume of a tetrahedron
  • polyhedronNormalAngle - Compute normal angle at a vertex of a 3D polyhedron
  • polyhedronMeanBreadth - Mean breadth of a convex polyhedron

Intersections and clipping

  • intersectLineMesh3d - Intersection points of a 3D line with a mesh
  • intersectPlaneMesh - Compute the polygons resulting from plane-mesh intersection
  • polyhedronSlice - Intersect a convex polyhedron with a plane.
  • clipMeshVertices - Clip vertices of a surfacic mesh and remove outer faces
  • clipConvexPolyhedronHP - Clip a convex polyhedron by a plane

Creation and conversion

  • surfToMesh - Convert surface grids into face-vertex mesh
  • cylinderMesh - Create a 3D mesh representing a cylinder
  • sphereMesh - Create a 3D mesh representing a sphere
  • torusMesh - Create a 3D mesh representing a torus
  • minConvexHull - Return the unique minimal convex hull of a set of 3D points

Utility functions

  • meshFace - Return the vertex indices of a face in a mesh
  • meshFaceEdges - Computes edge indices of each face
  • meshFaceNumber - Returns the number of faces in this mesh
  • meshEdges - Computes array of edge vertex indices from face array
  • meshEdgeFaces - Compute index of faces adjacent to each edge of a mesh
  • checkMeshAdjacentFaces - Check if adjacent faces of a mesh have similar orientation
  • meshAdjacencyMatrix - Compute adjacency matrix of a mesh from set of faces

Demo polyhedra

  • polyhedra - Index of classical polyhedral meshes
  • createCube - Create a 3D mesh representing the unit cube
  • createOctahedron - Create a 3D mesh representing an octahedron
  • createCubeOctahedron - Create a 3D mesh representing a cube-octahedron
  • createIcosahedron - Create a 3D mesh representing an Icosahedron.
  • createDodecahedron - Create a 3D mesh representing a dodecahedron
  • createTetrahedron - Create a 3D mesh representing a tetrahedron
  • createRhombododecahedron - Create a 3D mesh representing a rhombododecahedron
  • createTetrakaidecahedron - Create a 3D mesh representing a tetrakaidecahedron
  • createDurerPolyhedron - Create a mesh representing Durer's polyhedron
  • createSoccerBall - Create a 3D mesh representing a soccer ball
  • createMengerSponge - Create a cube with an inside cross removed
  • steinerPolytope - Create a steiner polytope from a set of vectors

Drawing functions

  • drawFaceNormals - Draw normal vector of each face in a mesh
  • drawMesh - Draw a 3D mesh defined by vertices and faces

Reading from file

  • readMesh_off - Read mesh data stord in OFF format